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‘You are so bright, shine your light’ - Preschool Graduation 2017-2018

Last 5th June 2018, K2 students had their graduation with the theme “ You are so bright, shine your light.” They performed short drama entitled “The Ugly Duckling.” The story was about the transformation of an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. It taught the students to value others inner beauty and to encourage others to reach their

true potential since they couldn’t tell what people are truly like based on appearances alone.

The peak of this Graduation event was the ceremony. They were 21 students from K2 Obedient and 19 students from K2 Responsible who were graduated. To show their love and as a token of appreciation, they gave flowers to their teachers and parents. In return, the teachers gave special performance through a song “When You Believe.” It was such a good entertainment for the parents as well as the students as they were surprised seeing the teachers talent in singing.

The event ended with the parents and students picture taking in the photobooth provided by school and enjoyed themselves, having lunch together with all the teachers.


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