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KGS Grade 6 Class of 2018 Prophecy: We Picture Our Future

- Year 2031

It’s a regular day for me, I guess. My fans blow up my phone, again. After answering some phone calls, I turn my TV on to watch “Today’s News” show. This one-hour news is covering about an explosion

accident that’s happened in a lab where three scientists, Felicia Angelica Seosanto, Jocelyn Putri Prajitno and Jovan Troy The Rudy, do their assignments.

There are fatalities. Some people around there get injured, including Dr. Farellino Nathan Atmaja, teacher Andrian Halim and professor Verdell Kamsul.

The six injured people are rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Elaine Andrea Onggong and Dr. Bianca Astra Ferlingga.

Three famous architects, Caren Wong, Kevin Aurelius Wu and Marvel Ang, think about fixing and renovating the place, too.

Then I put on my casual clothes and go out for lunch at a Thai restaurant where famous chef Melvy Serafina Tandang works.

I’m about to go home when artist Zoelynn Genevieve Angkieva calls me to join a party of two famous DJs, DJ Shane Lee and DJ Farrel Dilbert.

Two singers, Angelina Fransisca Pardin and Amanda Michelle Setiawan, are also there. They sing the biggest hit ‘Chillax’.

Then I go home, reach for my iPad and watch two of my favorite vloggers, Gunadi Gani and Nathanael Wirawan. They invite two youtubers, Richard Reinhart and Jeffrey Tio.

friend Clairine Pandra, who is a professional gymnast, calls me about a dance off that’s happened between two well-known dancers, Evelyn and Marcela Fioneto.

The next day, as I listen to Edelyn Cristabel Lim’s new song “Photo Session”, my friend Carlson Wijaya, an international entrepreneur who also manages my show abroad, suddenly calls me, asking me to fill in an event in Beijing, China. It’s 9 pm, I pack up my stuff and set to go. Unexpectedly, I happen to meet my friends who are soldiers sent to China to represent Indonesia at the airport. They are Xaverio Rafael Chung, Vougen Tanvlin, Catharina Kelly, Vallerie Christabelle, Michelle Angel Souw and Yuki Lim. I feel


Upon arrival, I go straight to the hotel to take a rest. I watch TV and it’s about Jacqueline Daniella Gunawan, an Indonesian singer who is in China as well.

The next morning, as I take my breakfast at the lobby, I meet two Indonesian athletes, Axel Anggito and Sean Rafael Gabriello. They give me a ticket to watch Indonesian athletes who compete there. They are

my friends, Aresene Daniels, Apolos, Parajouw, Javier, Wendeline Britany and Jovin Anggara.

I continue doing my show. I sing some of my hits. The crowd is full of excitement. I’m really happy. But a moment after I sing my last song, I feel nauseous. I start having a migraine. I faint… When I wake up, I see Dr. Karianna Mega Iswara treating me. She informs me that I am exhausted and I need to take a rest. She discusses something with her partner, Dr. Marsha Kimberly. They prescribe me some medicine that I should take.

On my flight back to Indonesia, I meet a group of Indonesian teachers. They are chosen to attend the seminar in Beijing, China. Three of them are my friends. They are Sherissa Sulivan, Hillary Yunizabeth Soesanto and Jolin. We chat for a while.

Back in Indonesia. It’s a regular day. My phone keeps ringing again. But I ignore since I follow my doctor’s advice to take a rest.

I’m about to sleep when Rich Owen, a well-known businessman, contacts me through his secretary. He’s

promoting a product. He asks me to endorse it. Then another businessman calls me. He’s Laurentius Christianto Samuel. He asks me to also endorse his new product. I refuse the offers. I have to. I choose to take a rest as advised by my physician.


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