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Secondary / Junior College Level

Kanaan Global School/ Junior College level is a 6-years program where students receive dual-degree (national Gr 12 UN + international Cambridge A level) at the end of their Gr 12 education.


Kanaan Global School provides the foundation for students to be ready and prepared for their entrance to universities and other similar higher educational institutions. In a alignment with the school’s vision and mission and motto of ‘Come in to learn, go out to serve’, we strive to equip students with responsibility and creativity in their teenage years, so that they may be able to serve the community, leading and contributing to the global society.

We strives to create an environment where students speak in English at all times. Instructions are delivered in English for all subjects except Mandarin in Mandarin classes and National Curriculum  subjects Bahasa Indonesia, Civics, Religion and humanities.


We provide Students Support Advisor to assist students in identifying their strength and interest for their career path, providing guidance in determining their next steps in university pathways, local and abroad.

The Graduates of Secondary & Junior College Kanaan Global School

Are able to articulate and defend their faith and christian worldview while having a basic understanding of opposite worldviews.

Are creative, logical and critical in their thinking to compete globally.

Know how to responsibly access information resources including technology, with discernment, skill and integrity.

Go through life, filled with christian love and imbued with practical wisdom that shall make them contributing citizens and leaders of the society.

Strive to perform their best and use God's given talents in all things they do, giving glory to God.

Demonstrate a deep appreciation of Indonesia, its culture and its people, with a commitment to serve and contribute to the well being of the society.

Appreciate literature and produce literary writings with efficiency such as stories, poetry and novels.

Apply concepts learned to practical pedagogies in solving problems related to daily living.

Understand, appreciate and demonstrate creativity, artistic expression and works.

Are committed to livelong learning.

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