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In alignment  with KGS school’s vision and mission, Kanaan Global School views education as a holistic learning, not only developing students in academic performance but also in nurturing students character. Special programs are developed for all students to participate, involve and construct positive life-values to be applied in the workplace.



We develop your child's fullest potential in knowledge, skills, and attitude. We provide age - appropriate learning, social and emotional development for your children.

The Graduates of Preschool Kanaan Global School

Know, understand and apply God's word as a standard for daily living.

Know they can always rely on God by leading a prayerful life.

Appreciate the natural Environment and practice responsible stewardship of God's Creation.

Enjoy Learning and are motivated to always try their best.

Are academically skilled in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Develop critical thinking skills to question and problem solving.

Are equipped with thourough knowledge of fundamental skills that will be used in the course of their academic pursuits and later in their lives.

School Days
School Hours
Monday - Friday
10.15 - 11.45
Monday - Friday
07.30 - 10.00
4 - 5
Monday - Friday
07.30 - 11.30

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