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The Graduates of Primary Kanaan Global School

Are equipped with thorough knowledge of fundamentall skills that will be used in the course of their academic pursuits and later in their lives.

Are well rounded and committed to be an advocate of the Indonesian culture integrated in their national curriculum

Are comprehensively trained in the Cambridge Primary Curriculum platform for the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science.

Are creative, logical and critical in their thinking to be more competitive globally.

Are instilled with the love for Christ and do all things for His Glory.

Are responsible students dedicatwed to the common good of the community and the school environment.

Are able to acquire and practice Christian values shared among his or her fellowmates.

Have well-integrated personalities, with strong academic foundation balanced with sensitivity and concern for their fellowmen.

Shall go through life, filled with Christian Love and imbued with practical widom that shall make them useful citizens and leaders of society

Appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape beliefs and values.

Are equipped to practice the principles of healthy, moral family living.

School Days
School Hours
Monday - Thursday
07.00 - 14.45
07.00 - 14.15

Primary Level

The primary level curriculum is designed to equip students with a thorough knowledge of fundamental skills that will be used in the course of their academic pursuits and later in their lives.


In our Primary School we use Cambridge Primary curriculum platform for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The English Cambridge Curriculum is the foundation for other subjects such as Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


The Cambridge Primary program provides subject content, planning and resource guides, guidance for curriculum implementation and development, plus support for classroom teaching and student learning. Because it is a program which has been developed with consistent standards that are externally benchmarked across thousands of students, it enables reliable structured reporting to parents about the performance of their children, which has validity beyond our school.

The goal of the Primary Level is not only to mastery of the subjects but also to develop enthusiastic interest, understanding of the world around them and a strong sense of confidence in each student.

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