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Pratiwi: Take that chance to make a chang

Following a combative campaign from four strong individuals who aspired to become Student Council

officers for the Academic Year 2018-2019, Kanaan Global School (KGS) Secondary and Junior College

students cast their votes on 27 Aug, 2018 to determine the candidates’ line-up in the council.

The candidates namely, Keanne Jonathan of G9 Science, Nicole Umry Pratiwi of G10 Commerce, and

Janice and Ardiansyah Bisell of G11 SMA competed for supremacy mainly for the position of president

and vice president.

Nicole Umry Pratiwi won most votes, besting the three other challengers, and thus becoming the new

Student Council president, with Ardiansyah Bisell as vice president, Keanne Jonthan as secretary and

Janice as treasurer.

In an interview with Pratiwi, she said that given the chance to lead, she will use it to make a change.

At least twenty-eight other student representatives were carefully chosen to become part of the

Student Council and its endeavors, may it be in entrepreneurship, arts, social and public relations,

sports, pastoral, nationalism or journalism.

The Student Council’s new adviser is Mr Widi of the Junior College Department.



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