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Fathers and children get hyper on Independence Day celebration

On 16 August 2018, Preschool students celebrated the Indonesia

Independence Day. This year, the event was very special because two events

were combined in one programme (Fathers Day and Independence Day). The

activity went well with the presence of the Fathers. It was an inspiring moment

to give tribute to their fathers for accompanying the students to have fun


The program started at 08.00 am with the flag ceremony. All students

and their father joined and participated in the Ceremony attentively. After the

national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and “Hari Merdeka” were sung, the Principal

gave a speech about the meaning of freedom for the country, Indonesia. She

quoted, “As a citizen of Indonesia, we have to have the high spirit in making our

country better place to live”.

After the flag Ceremony had finished, all students and fathers were so

excited doing Senam Kesegaran Jasmani. Then, each class level was divided into

groups to join different games. Toddler class had “catching Fish” game,

Nursery class had “move the balloon with towel” game. The Kindergarten 1 had

“trows ball that the father to catch the balls provided with basket”game. The

Kindergarten 2 had “Drible ball with father”

Most of the students were excited to bring home the spirit of Indonesia

Independence Day though not all of the won the competition.

Well done students!



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