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Erlangga English Speech Contest 2018: A winning audition for KGS primary students

To participate in the final audition of Erlangga English Speech Contest, the seventeen

KGS primary students, who were chosen by Erlangga, went to the venue, Gramedia Matraman.

With the guidance of Mr.Argo, Ms. Josephine, and Ms.Nelly, the participants arrived at

the venue safely. Upon the arrival, the students were given numbers for the audition. The

venue was flooded with lots of participants from different schools in Jakarta. Once the numbers

were announced, contestants went into the audition rooms. The audition ended at 12 nn.

The announcement of semi-finalists came out in the afternoon. Keisha, the grade 6

student, made it to the semi-finals, which will be held on the 26 th of October at Kuningan Mall.

With all the support gained from the school, family and the coach, Ms Josephine, Keisha

has become inspired to deliver her very inspiring five-minute speech and go for the gold.

Although many students didn’t make it to the semi-finals, they are still proud to see a

representative from KGS to compete with other seven semi-finalists.



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