Kanaan Global School was established by the Kanaan Foundation in July 2000. The school originated from a Toddler and Nursery class in Perum. Daan Mogot, and has progressed into an official National Plus school in Perumahan Taman Surya 3, which includes Pre-K, Kindergarten and the Elementary school.

The Kanaan Foundation was established by the True Jesus Church in 1970. On January 15, 1970, the Kanaan Foundation established Sekolah Kristen Kanaan, with a Pre-K, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High, and Senior High school. This is our way of celebrating God's grace through education. Kanaan Foundation will keep playing an active role in developing education and enlarging our mission by establishing more schools. We now have two national schools in Central Jakarta and one National Plus school in West Jakarta. We also have Kanaan Christian schools in Tangerang, Cianjur, Banjarmasin, Pontianak and Semarang.

Kanaan Global School in Perumahan Taman Surya 3, is a National Plus school which incorporates the national curriculum with an international curriculum taught in English and based on Christian values and character building from the early years of study onwards.

Due to the increasing effects of globalization in nearly all areas of life, Indonesia has a great responsibility and challenge in providing a good Kanaan Global School - About Us education to our children in order to have competent and qualified human resources in the future. The education system has to be designed to create a conducive environment in which our children can develop in all aspects (creatively, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually) of growth.

The Kanaan Foundation is very concerned about the importance and development of education. We have a vision to continue developing the support facilities at Kanaan Global School into becoming a qualified national plus school. Currently, the school occupies two blocks of a four-storied building with air-conditioned classrooms and attractive & educational playing equipment.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a motto, "I have a dream..." Today, we would like to put that motto into action to crystallize the dreams for our children. Both parents and school have the same responsibilities in carrying out this sacred mission. Therefore, Kanaan Global School would like to integrate the parents and school's efforts to provide our beloved children the best education we possibly can.